Electro Voice EVID 4.2 (la paire)

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Passive ambient 2-way speaker with 2 HP 9 cm bass and a titanium tweeter. The dual coil boomer concept achieves an excellent result in low frequencies while a subwoofer can be added for some applications.

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More info Electro Voice EVID 4.2 (la paire)

The efficiency is very high and the coverage angle is greater than 100 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically. The three wideband models are available in two colors: black or white, as well as two versions: low impedance. In all cases, the fastening system is included. The 4.2 compact is proposed for background music.

  •     100 Watts RMS
  •     2-way broadband
  •     2 x 4 inches (low)
  •     0.75 Inch Titanium Dome (Acute)
  •     Oscillation and rotation ± 50 ° and ± 45 °
  •     Frequency Response 65Hz-20kHz
  •     89dB
  •     8 ohms
  •     Connectors by push-button terminal blocks
  •     Integrated mounting points for the SAM ™ system (Strong Arm Mount) and rear safety.

Data sheet Electro Voice EVID 4.2 (la paire)

Height310 mm
Width175 mm
Depth216 mm
Weight3.9 kg


Electro Voice EVID


Electro Voice EVID 4.2 (la paire)

Electro Voice EVID 4.2 (la paire)