Marshall MG 10 CF

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10 Watt combo amp for electric guitar.

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More info Marshall MG 10 CF

  • 10 Watts transistors
  • 2 channels
  • Channel selector and independent volume controls
  • Contour control
  • Line Out
  • MP3 input
  • Headphone output

Data sheet Marshall MG 10 CF

Height296 mm
Width314 mm
Depth175 mm
Rack size (in inches)19"
Weight4.8 kg
Number of rack units19"



Marshall MG 10 CF


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Marshall MG 10 CF

Marshall MG 10 CF

10 Watt combo amp for electric guitar.


The British company Marshall Amplification is one of the world's largest manufacturers of amplifiers for electric guitars. It also produces bass amps, effects pedals, headphones, a refrigerator and lastly a smartphone.

Marshall was born in 1962 when Jim Marshall, then a drum teacher and music store owner, noticed discussions with many musicians, including Pete Townshend and John Entwistle of The Who, 'They regularly emit the need for a different, more powerful sound. It was as a result of this finding that Jim Marshall decided to embark on the world of amplification. The first tube amp, built by Jim Marshall, is the JTM 45, which is largely inspired by the Fender Bassman 59 '.

Jim Marshall is also the inventor of the stack, that is to say a stack of loudspeaker speakers surmounted by an amp head.

The Marshall Sound in the 1960s was popularized by three major artists of the time: Who, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton when playing with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. This powerful sound made many admirers and other guitarists such as Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page played on these amplifiers. In the 1980s, many guitarists used Marshall: Metallica using JCM800 and JMP100 MkII heads for the album - Ride The Lightning - and then for the studio. Megadeth among others with the JCM800, Kerry King of Slayer, Slash (formerly Guns N 'Roses) with the modified 1959 Plexi, Silver Jubilee Slash and Yngwie Malmsteen with the JMP, Joe Satriani with JVM model Joe Satriani, AC / DC with a JTM45 and Plexi.

"Marshall" is a brand recognized by a lot of musicians. Some models, like the JTM 45, or the JCM 800 have become as essential as a Fender or Gibson guitar.

In recent years, Marshall has launched several derivative products: a fridge, artisan beer brewed in the Vendée, headphones and listening station for walkmans.

  • The Marshall Astoria Dual Head amp head handmade in England is a two-channel all-tube amp in Red & Cream finish with a vintage style. Power 30 Watts Preamplifier lamps: 4 x ECC83 Amplification lamps: 2 x KT66 Master volume with push / pull power reduction: 30W> 5W 1 channel 3-band EQ: Low, Medium, Treble Push / Pull on the mediums to activate the Brightness function Edge and Gain Controls Push / Pull on the gain to activate the Body function Switch Boost Effects loop Lo and Hi gain inputs

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  • 100 Watts electric guitar combo. 100 Watts 2 12 "Speakers 3 modes per channel Equalizations 3 bands per channel Gain and volume controls per channel Reverb control per channel 2 Master Volumes Silent recording output with XLR speaker emulation Effects loops in series and parallel

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  • The Marshall 1958X is a reissue of the 18 Watts 1958 combo. Hand crafted and carefully copying every feature, this amplifier loves to work at full capacity and give the EL84 a tonal character that is extremely rich in harmonics.  With a tube Tremolo effect, the 1958X is equipped with two 10 "Celestion G10F-15 speakers that have been" aged "so that their sound is close to the original Greenbacks.Power of 18 Watts 2 channels 1 tone control per channel 1 volume control per channel Tremolo with speed and intensity adjustment Preamplifier lamps: 2 x ECC83 Rectification lamp: 1 x EZ81 Amplification lamps: 1 x ECC83, 2 x EL84 2 speakers 10 "Celestion G10F-15

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