Crate V18-212

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18 Watts all-tube combo amp for electric guitar.

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More info Crate V18-212

  • Preamp (3 x 12AX7A)
  • Amplifier (2 x EL84)
  • 18 Watts
  • Speakers 2 x 12 "
  • 1 channel
  • Reverb "spring"

Data sheet Crate V18-212

Height540 mm
Width705 mm
Depth267 mm
Rack size (in inches)19"
Weight23 kg
Number of rack units19"



Crate V18-212



Limpio genial me gusta más que el fender siendo cristalino no tintinea tanto digamos. Saturación natural que se puede conseguir jugando con el drive. Sonido clásico a raudales desde blues a rock. Para metal mejor apoyarlo con un overdrive para darle el empujón, traga pedales cuáles quiera. Muy contento. Aún así y por el precio cabría la posibilidad de ponerle unos celestion y ya sería de aúpa. En mi caso no lo veo necesario son de muy buena calidad los que trae. Los 2 altavoces le dan mucha presencia. En local no lo paso del 3-4 con el Gain en 2-3. Cuando las valvulas están calentitas suena de locura. Muy recomendable, creo que no hay nada en el mercado calidad precio igual.

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    Crate V18-212

    Crate V18-212

    18 Watts all-tube combo amp for electric guitar.


    The History of Crate Amps

    Crate has been producing guitar amps for almost 40 years. The first amplifiers were built in wooden cases that were "crated," and even when the look wore off and the amps assumed a more traditional appearance, the name stayed intact. Many famous musicians and bands used Crate amps in the 1980s, bringing attention to the brand.

    Prehistory of Crate Amps

        The idea of creating Crate amplifiers began as a "flash of inspiration" by Gene Kornblum, who was then leading his father's business, St. Louis Music, Inc. The company was then primary known for importing and distributing stringed instruments, including violins and violas.


        By the late 1970s, Kornblum was shopping in a Crate & Barrel store when he noticed that products were held in wooden crates. After considering whether beefing up a wooden crate to hold a guitar amplifier might be a good idea, he began attempting to produce guitar amps that looked like wooden crates, with chest handles similar to the ones found on military footlockers.

    Crate CR1

        St. Louis Music introduced the 10-watt Crate CR1, its first guitar amplifier, in 1978. Before long, the company had sold enough amps to outgrow its manufacturing capabilities, and it had expanded its Crate line to display a full range of solid-state Crate amplifiers. Soon after, the company retired the wooden crate look and adopted the traditional amplifier look, complete with Tolex covering. This transition helped the business to stay consistent.

    1980s Crate Amp users

        As Crate amplifiers became a legitimate amplifier for professional musicians, there were numerous artists in the 1980s that were unpaid endorsees of the amps. The list of the endorsing Crate amps users including Gene Simmons of Kiss, Sting from The Police, Sammy Hagar from Van Halen, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, and Joe Walsh from James Gang and The Eagles.

    Current Crate Models

        As of 2010, Crate displays three lines of amplifiers for musicians, including the solid-state Flexwave Series, the tube model V-Series and acoustic amplifiers. The Flexwave Series offers the combo of the head/cabinet setup with three wattage choices of 15-watt FW15, 65-watt FW65, and the 120-watt combo FW120. The V-Series tube models range from 5 watts to 100 watts. Some of the tubes on the V-Series are EL84 tubes for lower-wattage amps, as well as V50 and V100 sports EL34 power tubes for higher-wattage amps. The acoustic line of amps range from 10 watts to 120 watts, depending on the model. The CA10 10-watt is the basic amp, while the 30-watt CA30DG has the addition of digital effects (reverb and chorus). The 120-watt CA120DG is the most powerful acoustic amp distributed by Crate.