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The Altea-715A is a very powerful model of the Altea series of DAS Audio. It is equipped with a 1500 Wpeak Class D two-channel amplifier that offers extended bandwidth, extended dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion. 

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More info DAS ALTEA 715A

Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are used in the signal processing of Altea-715A systems. The DAScontrol ™ interface allows users to configure Harmony Presets, Input / Output Levels, EQ Modes, Delay and Source Mixing with a premium 24-bit DSP and LCD display .

The DASlink ™ APP remote control and monitoring of the Altea-700 series powered systems allows users to stream music wirelessly from high definition stereo mobile devices. The high-performance transducers include the DAS 15FV4 speaker, which provides accurate bass reproduction with deep, powerful bass. High frequencies are handled by the brilliant M-28 EMF optimized compression driver with a 1 "output for exceptional performance and smooth reproduction.Altea-715 passive systems allow users to choose the power option they want. They are designed for use with external amplification and external DSP and feature the high power transducer and housing components of the Altea 700 powered versions.

  • Active high power bi-amplified system
  • 750 Watts RMS
  • SPL at 1m: 132 dB
  • Frequency response (-10 dB): 45 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Dispersion: 90º x 60º
  • DAScontrol interface for easy configuration and adjustment.
  • 24-bit high-end DSP with LCD display
  • Remote control and monitoring DASlink APP
  • High Definition Wireless Stereo Music Broadcast
  • Class D amplifier with 2-channel mixer
  • 15 "speaker + M-28 compression motor
  • Lightweight polypropylene housing
  • Ergonomic handles and monitor position on the floor - integrated M8 mounting points







DAS AUDIO After more than 40 years of intense activity in the world of audio, D.A.S. has acquired a valuable know-how in the development and manufacture of sound reinforcement systems. 

Recognized around the world for its quality products and customer oriented service, the company’s highly qualified staff is dedicated to designing and building an extensive line-up of products used wherever reliability and sound quality are requisite. The company headquarters is located in Valencia, Spain and occupies approximately 24,000 square meters (260,000 square feet) in Spain’s largest industrial park, the second largest in Europe.

D.A.S. has an extended network of dedicated distributors across the globe. They are actively supported by regional sales and distribution centers located in Singapore and Miami, Florida, providing clients with the rapid response needed in today’s demanding market. Exceptional customer support, both before and after the sale, on-site technical training seminars and long-lasting business relationships are just a few of the reasons that have made D.A.S. above all, the professional’s choice.

D.A.S. Audio is committed to innovation and the development of high-quality products. The R&D department employs highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art technology allowing the company to undertake ambitious projects and compete with the best. D.A.S. has secured its position as a market leader in the sound reinforcement industry while continuing to establish itself worldwide and develop new products that satisfy the requirements of an ever-changing market.

  • The Aero 12 is a compact linear system EN54-24 certified. This unique product allows the site's PA system to double as a voice alarm system eliminating unnecessary duplication while increasing profitability. Power: 250 Watts RMS Impedance: 8 Ohms 1W / 4M sensitivity: 81.4 dB SPL SPL at 4m: 107dB Frequency response (-10 dB): 62 Hz to 22 kHz EN54-24 Certified line array system 12 "speaker with magnetic neodymium assembly M-75N Neodymium compression system with 1.5 "output High frequency wave generator SERPIS Captive hanging system integrated into the cabinet design

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  • The system incorporates an impressive battery of high-tech features that bring compact linear array systems to unprecedented levels of performance. The Aero 12A's two-channel amplifier design sets a new benchmark in the industry for audio performance, efficiency and power density. The 600 W amplifier offers extended bandwidth, improved dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion. Compact and lightweight, its high power density of more than 20 W per cubic inch enhances an amplifier design that requires much less space, reducing overall cabinet size and overall cabinet weight important attribute for flying systems. Signal processing is performed using a powerful 24-bit DSP processor for unmatched control of critical signal parameters. Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters are used in Aero 12A signal processing.RMS power: LF: 2x700W - MF: 700W - HF: 300W Horizontal dispersion: 90 ° nominal SPL at 1m: 134 dB Frequency response (-10 dB): 63 Hz to 20 kHz

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  • The Aero 40A is a 3-way linear network system that incorporates connectivity for remote monitoring and control. The unique configuration of the Aero 40A Advanced Line Array System (ALAS ™) incorporates a 12 "transducer at the rear in a low-horn configuration for low-end reproduction. The midrange is powered by a new 8 "transducer developed specifically for the Aero 40A, and the high-frequency reproduction is based on two DAS M-75N compression drivers connected to a new BPS-2912 waveguide. The three-channel, high-efficiency class D amplifier is equipped with a switch-mode power supply (SMPS) and a complete protection package for the amplifier and components Channel 1 powers the low frequency channel, the channel two mid-range and three channel feeds the high frequency drivers.The Aero 40A incorporates the latest digital signal processors.The FIR filters of the brick wall ensure a perfect alignment between the two channels, ensuring uniformly uniform coverage until at the crossing point.Advanced ALAS ™ three-way system Class D power amplifier 1000 W LF + 500 W MF + 500 W HF Powerful DSP with Brickwall FIR Filters Remote monitoring and control via DASnet ™ A 12 "speaker with a neodymium magnetic set An 8 "speaker with a neodymium magnet assembly Twin M-75N A...

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