Drums & Percussion

Drums & Percussion
 of Fasila Music

Electronic and acoustic drums, cymbals, bongos, congas, djembestimbales but also other percussions are honored in this tab.

Regardless of your style, the PEARL, LP, SABIAN, ALESISCLAVIA NORD brands and many others offer a wide variety of high quality products for which famous percussionists such as Marc Quinones or Richie Flores participated in their Development.

If you do not find your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us, other references of the brands presented in this tab are available to order.

  • Acoustic drums
  • Electronic drums

    The drums at Fasila Music

    The drums are a set of percussion instruments (drums and cymbals) arranged to be played by one person using rods and pedals.

    The electronic drum is an electronic percussion instrument inspired by the drums: drums and cymbals are replaced by pads equipped with electrical sensors that allow the electronic triggering of a sound.

  • Djembes

    The Djembe at Fasila Music

    A djembe is an African percussion instrument composed of a calyx-shaped wooden barrel on which is mounted a goat or antelope skin stretched by means of a tension system, which one plays with hands Nudes and whose very wide sound spectrum generates a great richness of timbre. The flared shape of the barrel would come from that of the mortar to pound the grain.

  • Congas

    The Conga at Fasila Music

    Upper drum (90 cm high for 25 to 40 cm in diameter) with a long, slightly swollen barrel, the conga is made from a wooden lath assembly, dug in a monoxyl trunk, or built on a circled barrel or Molded in synthetic fiber. A thick skin is attached to the top using ties at the origin and now using adjustable metal straps and bindings.

  • Bongos

    Bongo at Fasila Music

    Bongo is a percussion instrument from Cuba that has spread throughout Latin music. It is a pair of integral drums, each with one membrane, one of which is larger than the other. The percussionist playing bongos is called a bongocero.

  • Timbales

    The timbales at Fasila Music

    The timbales are percussion instruments consisting of a copper drum covered with a skin. The instrumentalist plays by striking the skin with special wands. The timbales player is called a timpani. The main characteristic of the timpani is the ability to tune them in order to obtain precise heights.

  • Other percussions

    You will find in the "other percussion" tab of Fasila Music various and varied instruments to enhance your game.

  • Splashs

    The splashes at Fasila Music

    A splash is a variety of cymbal whose size is usually 6 to 12 inches.

    It is used in general for small accents, weaker, but also more explosive and short than those of crashes, very often to mark the end of a break. It can be associated with the sound of a large object falling into the water: a very intense noise at the touch, but which fades immediately.

  • Crashs

    The Crash at Fasila Music

    The crash is a cymbal with a diameter varying from 14 to 24 inches. It owes its name to the homophony between the English pronunciation of its name and the sound it projects: at first very powerful, intense and then attenuating at a rate varying according to the metal or the alloy from which Made the cymbal. It is often part of the composition of a drum.

    In popular music, it is usually used to mark a variation in musical progression or accentuate certain highlights.

  • Rides

    The ride at Fasila Music

    The ride is one of the common cymbals, widespread since the 1930s, first via Jazz drummers and then integrated into the standard drum configurations. Its diameter varies from 18 to 24 inches.

    The name "wrinkle" derives from the most common way of playing it, with the olive (end) of the wand on the body of the cymbal, above, producing a kind of "gallop" on the cymbal. You can also play it as a cymbal crash, hit on the edge, or on the central dome, called the bell, in order to get different sounds.

  • Chinas

    China at Fasila Music

    A Chinese or more often china designates a cymbal of effects having the specificity of having the edge curved. It is a powerful cymbal with a diameter ranging from 6 inches to over 24 inches.

    The sound of these cymbals is very violent, serious with few harmonics, but especially very short. The bigger the diameter, the stronger the sound will be.

  • Hi-Hats

    The hi-hats at Fasila Music

    The hi-hat, also known as hi-hat, is an idiophone percussion instrument composed of a pair of cymbals attached to a foot pedal. It is an element of the drum.

  • Cymbal sets

    At Fasila Music you will find sets of cymbals directly selected by the manufacturers in this section.

Drums & Percussion