We offer a range of Racks, classic or wheeled flight cases and half-depth and mobile racks tailored to the needs of service providers / installers / DJ looking for discretion, robustness and a full range especially with 1U and 3U formats more and rarer and complemented with 4 models with wheels cut for the road (from 8U to 14U, "Touring")

"All Black" finish, 9mm multi-ply construction (except 1U of 5mm), front and rear racking, quality butterfly closures, 30x30mm angles, rugged inset handles (except 1U, strap handle), small rubber feet , equipped with PRO blue wheels for the 4 "Touring" models,
delivered with cage nuts, washers and screws ...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items



  • Acme IM 575 S
    Acme IM 575 S

    IMove 575S and IMove 575SP are the...

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