Studiologic, also known as Fatar, is a manufacturer of Italian electronic music instruments founded in 1956 in Recanati.

The company builds five-octave keyboards (for organs), keyboards for synthesizers, and 88-key heavy-touch keyboards (for pianos) for almost all models sold by manufacturers such as Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Roland, Clavia, Korg, Alesis, Wersi, Casio, Farfisa, CRB, Elka, Orla, Elgam, Eko, Webo, LOGAN, Gem, Viscount, Crumar, etc.

Founded in 1956 by Lino Ragni, the FATAR brand stands for high quality keyboards for digital pianos, synthesizers and classical organs.
Traditional craftsmanship, coupled with a thorough knowledge of building materials and practices, fundamentally important for a folklore-based instrument such as accordion, determined the growth of the business in the following years.
Far from dissolving, the relationship between technology and artisanal culture has even strengthened in a modernization framework, determined by the use of new polymers and mass production devices.

Then FATAR has gradually gained a prestigious position, putting special care and specific expertise in the design, engineering and construction of keyboards with high technological and quality standards.
The most popular and influential brands in the global market for musical instruments, as well as the musicians themselves, attach technical importance to the FATAR keyboard and highly respect it for its construction qualities.

Binomial sensation / emotion and technical quality are no longer an illusion.
The commercial success achieved so far encourages us to offer broader options, by providing parts and accessories for musical instruments such as furniture, pedals, function keys, control buttons, music boxes and instruments.
Our initial passion and our commitment to this industrial adventure are currently combined with the research and implementation of new techniques, able to refine the interaction between the interpreter and the system.
Going beyond traditional construction techniques to innovate production models has always been the basis of FATAR's business strategy.

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