David Gage

Founded in 1978 by bassist David Gage, the store specializes in the sale, restoration and repair of double basses, cellos, violas and violins. The client list includes great orchestra musicians, jazz, rock'n'roll, country and world music artists. Those they use are professionals, students and amateurs. Much care and attention is given to each player and his instrument.
The goal of David Gage is to maximize the sound potential of the instrument and the playing requirements of the musician.

In addition to providing a full range of luthier services, David Gage also sells antique and modern instruments, rents professional quality instruments and maintains a full stock of bass and cello accessories.

The following products are signed David Gage:

The Realist ™ Transducer: for double bass, cello, violin and viola was designed by David Gage and Ned Steinberger, providing "the best arco sound and pizza of all".

The realistic violin: is an acoustic violin with an integrated realistic microphone. It sounds as well with amplification as without, available in version 4 and 5 strings, standard or professional quality.

The Czech-Ease ™ Road Bass: is a double bass with an abbreviated body that makes it exponentially more portable than its full-bodied cousins, without losing the true bass sound.

The Gage Travel Case ™: for bass / cello was designed by David Gage and is made in the United States exclusively for the David Gage store. These cases are the "first class tickets" for your double bass and cello.

The Metropolitan Bass Bow: is made for professional bass players and takes full advantage of the potential of carbon fiber.

Irving Sloane Bass Machines: Delivers exceptional "finesse and precision" in tuning.

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David Gage



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    Acme IM 575 S

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