Sophisticated instruments at the best price possible
The brand Baton Rouge guitars is synonymous with unusual guitars. Their goal was from the outset to offer the best guitar and ukulele at the best possible price. Baton Rouge guitars are for young musicians who are looking for a good guitar but do not care about traditional brands. Baton Rouge has an authentic story and fits the right instrument for each player.

Everything but ordinary: the STRANGE series
Crazy! and extravagant: These are the models of the STRANGE series. If you do not want to get bored with the general public and get bored with guitars and ukuleles with a classic look, you'll find what you've always been looking for in the STRANGE series: instruments that innovate in concept and design! With bold and bold style, each model embodies its own unique touch and emphasizes the individuality of the player. Outstanding woods, as well as first-class workmanship make each STRANGE a special piece! And the sound? Pure rock'n'roll For a brilliant performance. For the STRANGE series

Simply modern: the RED series
The models in the RED series are classy and rely on charm and wit. Simple design, selected woods and excellent work make it a contemporary instrument. Modern and elegant, ROUGE serves sophisticated musicians who are looking for contemporary guitars and ukuleles with excellent sound volume that values ​​sustainability and values ​​innovation and quality. RED is the open base of Baton Rouge guitars.

Good value for money: The series BLACK BY BR
The BLACK BY BR line stands out clearly from the high-end STRANGE and RED lines. This is the cheap version for brave beginners who still want to try and do not want to invest in a guitar or ukulele upscale from the beginning. Young, fresh and playful, the BLACK models are a casual alternative for a real pleasure sound. A solid instrument that is visually and acoustically a very good start. For the series BLACK BY BR

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items