Presonus COMP 16

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Compressor limiter based on the famous BlueMax compressor Sixteen presets controlling attack, recovery, rate, threshold and slope (Knee).

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More info Presonus COMP 16

  • Power supply 16 Watts
  • Warm sound, extended dynamic range for recording or scene
  • Input XLR, stereo jack input
  • Front panel settings: Input -20dB to + 20dB Output -20dB to + 20dB
  • Bypass Output level display
  • Preset selection encoder
  • Level display: level-back level blue level meter
  • Power: Linear Type Input 16VAC / 1000mA Outputs: Balanced XLR Impedance of 51 Ohms Unbalanced Stereo Jack Impedance of 51 Ohms Measurements: DHT + Noise (unweighted measurement) 0.006% to 0dB Background Noise
  • 98dB Signal / Noise> 95dB Power Supply Rejection> 98dB
  • Mounting Adapter Universal rack Housing Steel Front panel Brushed aluminum Side panels Aluminum molded

Data sheet Presonus COMP 16

Height45 mm
Width140 mm
Depth140 mm
Weight2 kg


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Presonus COMP 16

Presonus COMP 16

Compressor limiter based on the famous BlueMax compressor Sixteen presets controlling attack, recovery, rate, threshold and slope (Knee).


PreSonus is an American manufacturer of audio and digital audio workstation equipment used to create, record, and master music.

The company was founded in 1995 by electrical engineering graduate Jeremiah Brown.

The first product was the DCP8, a multi-channel compressor that could be controlled by MIDI. This allowed audio mastering to be achieved on an inexpensive rig.

In 2006, KristalLabs Software Ltd., a start-up founded by Wolfgang Kundrus and Matthias Juwan, began working on Studio One in cooperation with PreSonus. Kundrus was one of the early developers of Cubase and was the primary author of Nuendo for Steinberg. Juwan had written version 3 of the Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-in specification, and written the freeware KRISTAL Audio Engine. KristalLabs later became an integrated part of PreSonus. Wolfgang Kundrus was the Managing Director and Matthias Juwan chief technology officer (CTO). Wolfgang Kundrus left PreSonus in 2014 and is now Head of Software Development for EastWest Sounds. Other members of the team who also originally came from Steinberg include Maik Oppermann and Eike Jonas.

As well straightforward audio interfaces, the company manufacture the StudioLive set of digital mixers, allowing a number of audio channels to be fed into a computer system via a single USB or Firewire connection.

  • (Optional) AD192 digital conversion board for Eureka system. 24-bit operation - digital output card for use with Eureka Pro Recording. 192 KHz

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  • The INSPIRE 1394 is a revolutionary FireWire recording system with professional quality 24-bit / 96k analog digital conversion rate, four simultaneous inputs, software control panel, as well as audio recording and production software, giving you The smallest, more flexible, more affordable computer recording studios. 24-bit resolution Sampling frequency max 96kHz I / O 4 simultaneous (2 microphone / instrument + 1 stereo line with RIAA switchable filter) Windows XP and Mac OS X compatibility External power supply or via the FW bus Works with all popular MAO software

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  • Digital Console with Analog Touch. DSP on all slices with multitrack recording function. The PRESONUS STUDIOLIVE is the most simple, powerful and flexible 16 channel digital mixer ever created. Studiolive Digital Console with Recording Function Easy to handle as an analog console 16 simultaneous analog inputs micro / line 6 auxiliary outputs 4 group outings DSP on all inputs, buses, sub-groups: High pass filter (editable and configurable) High compressor (editable and configurable) High limiter (editable and configurable) (Editable and customizable) EQ 4 bands Semi-Para (editable and configurable) Editable and customizable panorama Load / Save / Copy / Paste on all parameters DSP effects: reverbs, delays, temporal effects Load / Save features on DSP effects Load / Save of all mixer settings 100mm Fades and Military Quality Buttons Integrated talkback system High Definition A / D Converters Dynamic range of 118dB DSP: 32-bit floating-point Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz and 48kHz Audio interface: Integrated FireWire 22x18 FireWire 400 6-pin connector Hardware compatibility: Mac and PC

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