Wind instruments

The wind instrument at Fasila Music

Fasila Music presents its complete selection of acoustic and electronic wind instruments from the brands AKAI, AULOSFONTAI and OMEGA.

Whether you're looking for a tuba, recorder, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, slide trombone, or even an electronic controller to combine all the wind instruments into one, you're at the right place. in law.

If you do not find your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us, other references of the brands presented in this tab are available to order.

  • Recorders

    The Recorder at Fasila Music

    The recorder is a wind instrument of the wood family. Like many other instruments, this flute is available in several sizes. The modern nomenclature comprises in descending order (from the highest to the lowest): exilent, soprano, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, bass, double bass and subbass.

  • Flute

    The flute at Fasila Music

    The flute is a wind instrument of the wood family. The flute shares the method of sound production with the instruments of the flute family: the blown air is put into vibration by a bevel placed at the mouth.

    Unlike the Pan flute, the flute comprises only one pipe.

  • Oboes

    The oboe at Fasila Music

    The oboe is an instrument of wind music of the wood family, of conical perforation and whose sound is created by the vibration of a double reed to the passage of the breath. Its timbre can be powerful and sound or soft and charming, clear or full of roundness and warmth.

  • Trumpets

    The trumpet at Fasila Music

    The trumpet is a wind instrument of the family of light brass. It is made in a tube 1.50 m long like the horn. The metal used to make the trumpet is brass (on average 70% of the trumpet is made with brass). In order to play it, pistons are used as well as air.

  • Clarinets

    The clarinet at Fasila Music

    The clarinet is a wind instrument of the wood family characterized by its simple reed and its quasi cylindrical bore. Its warm timbre in the low register, can prove extremely brilliant or even piercing in the high.

  • Saxophones

    The saxophone at Fasila Music

    The saxophone is a woodwind instrument belonging to the wood family. The saxophone is usually made of brass, although there are some in copper, silver, plastic or gold plated.

  • Trombones

    The Trombone at Fasila Music

    The trombone is a wind instrument and mouthpiece of the family of light brass. The term implicitly refers to the slide trombone characterized by the use of a telescopic slide, but there are also models of a trombone with pistons.

  • Tubas

    The Tuba at Fasila Music

    The tuba is a musical instrument belonging to the brass family. By the variety of its sizes and forms, it forms a subfamily of the brass.

    The word "tuba" comes from Latin and in the Roman era referred to a large curved trumpet (tuba curva) used in the military context.

    The generic term "tuba" now encompasses a wide variety of distinct instruments, the characteristics of which are significantly different according to parameters related to an unstable bill since the beginning.

Wind instruments