Bass effects

Bass effects at Fasila Music

Simple effect or multi effects, the pedal is the ideal accessory to apply to the sound, one or more effects, to your electric bass.

You can find the classic effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, distortion and the modeling of mythical amps and cabinets as well as loopers for recording and playback. Loops.

If you do not find your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us, other references of the brands presented in this tab are available to order.

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  • The most modern modeling technology of the V-AMP 2 is identical to that of the V-AMP by incorporating a greater variety of mythical and realistic amps. Independent selection of 32 amp simulations and 15 speaker simulations High-resolution 24-bit stereo multi-effect Separate wah-wah and reverb effects 3-band equalizer depending on amp model 5 new configuration modes for different applications Stereo balanced line output with speaker simulation, stereo headphone output and stereo aux input Simple MIDI implementation for real-time control, automation, data transfers and access to additional parameters Dual pedal, power supply

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Bass effects